Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that runs in your smartphone or tablet and overlays a digital/virtual world on top of your physical reality. Brought to you via print or place it will engage, entertain, educate and delight you.

Creating reality times 2. RealityX2 – more than meets the eye.


Why you should tell your story like a Caveman!


Put Your Storytelling on Steroids

About 35,000 years ago, storytellers created the first motion-enhanced graphics on a cave wall. The flickering light from a burning torch animated the figure of a running animal.

Since that time storytellers have sought to find and use the most powerful tools to tell their story in the most compelling way. They sought, as best they could, to bring their story to life.

Today RealityX2 empowers you to do the same with all sorts of interactive content:

  • audio

  • video

  • 360 photos or video

  • animated 3D pop-ups

  • and more

Now bring your story to life!


Try augmented reality for yourself

RealityX2 is a mobile App running in your smartphone or tablet, that will inform, engage, and delight you and your audience with interactive content in virtually any form; video, audio, 360 photos, animated 3D pop-ups, and more.

To see how RealityX2 can provide a compelling way to tell your story to the people who are important to you, contact us to set up a time for a personalized demo.

Experience reality times two for yourself. Just download the App from the App stores open the App, then point your camera at the image above to get a virtual tour of Another Face of Mexico — an indigenous mask museum in Mexico.